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Hi, I’m Jono Choi and I solve tough problems through leadership and coaching teams.

Throughout my tenure in training, leadership and change, I have learned that individuals achieve purpose when their potential is unlocked and aligned with an organisation’s vision. A rewarding day for me is when I have helped teams work cohesively towards a common goal, and individuals towards their life purpose

Working with various teams in my career has made me wildly curious about the formula of creating high performing teams. Elite teams have the ability to out manoeuvre competitors and disrupt industries. They defy conventions of organisational structures and processes of the time. Having the right team in your business makes the difference between coming first or second place.

I’ve created this blog to record my experiences as a student of leadership. I recognise that the road to reaching the top of any craft requires continual practice, revision and synthesis. My goal is to continuously build towards becoming a complete people strategist, honing an arsenal of skills including performance coaching, organisational psychology, leadership development, training and development, and change management.

Follow me on my journey to becoming a world-class leadership consultant and thanks for visiting! 

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  • Jono is a natural born leader whose superpower is helping people understand their potential and turning them into strengths.

    I worked in the same function as Jono at Finder as publishers. What made me realise early that Jono was a leader, was how proactive he was in creating initiatives and driving change within the organisation, despite coming in as a graduate. This included many things outside of his remit i.e: creating a fortnightly ‘work on your craft’ session for the graduates and spearheading a ‘millenials’ content section of the website with various stakeholders in a business.

    Jono is an excellent enabler of talent. His understanding of the power of team underpins his leadership style, and as a result – the people around him including myself and many others have become better at what they do, with his voice in their corner.

    One example was the ‘TTB’ project Jono led which challenged our distributed support team to handle more responsibility in terms of the content on site. The byproduct of this initiative was incredible growth in each member’s publishing skills including formatting, editing, researching, SEO optimisation etc.

    Acting as a foundation to his leadership abilities, Jono also has a wide skill set that spans from digital marketing, SEO and building websites, through to training people and business operations. This makes Jono a strong asset for any organisation looking for a highly empathetic leader. I would recommend Jono in a heartbeat.

    Maurice Thach
    SEO Growth Strategist at Canva
  • I recently worked with Jonathan on a company-wide change initiative that would see us formulate our own design principles on how we view the future of our People Systems. By partnering with Levant, Jonathan was tasked to work with us to formulate the business case and plan to get the project off the ground. His relentless focus and help throughout our process was a breath of fresh air and enabled us to keep running at the pace we needed to. He was always available to help on certain tasks and always put 110% effort into it.

    Adam Faludi
    P&C Consultant at THE ICONIC
  • Jonathan’s energy and passion to make change for the better is infectious. A people person and problem solver, Jonathan’s transition from web publishing to building and scaling remote team members at Finder has made a lasting impact in the way our teams operate globally. He’s a forward thinking go-getter who pursues growth not only personally, but for his colleagues within teams across the organisation. Noticing the talent of remote team members and armed with an eye for optimising existing processes, Jonathan also devised and delivered a training initiative for remote team members to develop their interests within publishing to work on SEO, CRO and UX content enhancements on a global scope. He’s had a profound impact in contributing to the culture and fostering the sense of belonging that remote teams have as part of Finder – all while building rapport and morale with a dash of humour. With his empathy and candour, Jonathan has been an asset to my career and many others. He has transparent conversations and is excellent at juggling several stakeholders. As someone who has benefitted from Jonathan’s skills and watched him build up others, both as teams and individuals, I’m excited to see him continue to empower others and organisations. An organisation would be lucky to have someone with Jonathan’s drive, curiosity and knack for challenging the status quo to shape positive change.

    Joyce Chew
    Digital Strategy Consultant at Deloitte
  • “Jonathan’s dedication to honing his own skills and raising up the people around him is truly outstanding. When I first started learning the ropes in an SEO-intensive role, Jono was always keen and ready to break down complex technical topics and was instrumental in putting me on the path to achieve the career I have today. When he officially joined the telco team at Finder, he took on an entire data support team and implemented a bulletproof process for maintaining a complex database where compliance was key and nurtured a culture of self-learning and improvement that echoes through the company to this day.”

    Brodie Fogg
    Editor at Reviews.Org
    Brodie Fogg
  • I worked closely with Jonathan in Finder for almost 2 years. He was our Training and Development Manager, and always believed that each of us in the team can deliver more if we will focus on our goals. He never stops supporting the team by providing training, reading materials and reaching to people that can help us achieve success on a certain project. He’s very well known for his energetic and enthusiastic way of hosting training meetings remotely. He’s dependable, responsible and smart to know everyone’s skills which I found as a great asset of him. With all of his characteristics mentioned, I know Jonathan will do more great things wherever he’s heading next.

    Xyza Viloria
    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt at finder
    Xyza Viloria
  • An expert in business strategy and content marketing, Jonathan combines his skills to break through the noise to help solve user problems online. He boasts a smorgasbord of skills and interests, including a flair for digital content strategy, user experience, SEO and project management. While working alongside Jonathan, I’ve seen him demonstrate the initiative to work autonomously while also thriving in collaborative environments. Jonathan also has strong leadership skills and jumps at the chance to lead projects or help co-workers hone their own skills. With an almost unparalleled passion for what he does, Jonathan approaches every task with complete dedication. A down-to-earth, incredibly intelligent and loyal co-worker, Jonathan would be an asset to any company.

    Sally Mcmullen
    Editor at finder
    Sally McMullen editor

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