In 2018 I started my journey in formally sharing knowledge by writing articles for the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD). Below is my first article, summarising the key tactics and strategies that enabled me to build a remote team, enjoy! elite-team-aitd
I published an article in the AITD Training and Development Magazine (June 2020 edition). The purpose of this article was to provide the new perspective I had gained working in management consulting: How learning and development professionals can take a step back and evaluate the outcomes of their organisation, before designing and deploying their solution...
aitd jonathan choi 2019
I published an article in the September issue of the AITD Training and Development Magazine. The full PDF is available below, enjoy! TD-Sept-19-Jonathan-Choi
navy seals dream team
Team leadership principles from Navy Seal Jocko Willink, IKIGAI model.
phil jackson michael jordan nba chicago bulls dream team
Phil Jackson's five stages of tribal leadership will help you identify where your team currently is, and how you can help them become an elite team.
image of book cover legacy by james kerr
Learnings from the book Legacy, by James Kerr The All Blacks have transcended their sport. They are a symbol of strength and elite team work. Their jersey resembles the armour of titans, donned by beasts who can’t be stopped. The war cry of their haka, a Māori challenge before each match silences the stadium and...
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Is your business considering building remote teams? Learn my top tips in this guide.